Did you miss me?

On Friday I spent the day pretty much doing stuff with my kids and around the house.  Just wasn’t in the mood to type. 

And then yesterday – well, remember several days ago when Alex was sick?  Well, yesterday I spent most of my day in bed curled up in a shaking ball, praying I wouldn’t throw up.  And you know what?  I didn’t.  I just felt like I might.  I ate nothing all day – except a lemon yogurt and a cappuccino that Bill made in the morning.  The cappuccino was probably not a great idea, but it just smelled really good….Anyway, that was it.  I had sips of water and felt hot and cold and achy and miserable.  Fun.  A few times I thought, well, maybe I could get my laptop and sit in bed…but then I really didn’t feel like going all the way downstairs to get it.  So I just stayed put.

Bill pretty much kept the kids occupied and distracted, though they both came up to visit me periodically through the day.  Julia because she wanted me to read to her, and Alex, because he is a sweet boy who just wanted to see how I was feeling.  (Sigh.)  Bill took them to the grocery store at one point, and when they got back, both kids raced upstairs, coats and boots still on, to bring me "Mommy!  We got you something!" a bouquet of roses.  It’s on the dining room table, in a vase, and they smell good.  I have pretty nice kids.

The toughest part of the day was when Bill made dinner for the kids.  He did breakfast for dinner, which is fun, and he saw the turkey breakfast sausages I’d bought at the store on Friday…and so he cooked THEM and some eggs.  The smell.  It nearly got the best of me.  Ordinarily it would have pulled me out of bed and I’d be elbowing kids out the way to get my fair share, but last night?  I just wanted to leave the building.  Through a window.  My only solution – and a temporary one at that – was to go into the bathroom and run the shower and open all the tubes and jars of lotions and shampoo and so on, just to make that one room smell friendly.  Of course, Julia came a-knocking on the door "Mommy, I have to go potty!" and so with a groan (this never EVER happens to Bill) I let her in and asked "who’s in the other bathroom?" and she said "No one."  She just wanted to be in the bathroom I was in.  I let her take care of business and then I sent her on her way.  And I hung out in the little steamy room until the good smells faded and the scent of sausage crept back in.

There wasn’t going to be any escape from it.  So I just inhaled deeply and resigned myself to further misery.  And got back in bed and pulled the covers over my head to escape a bit.  But then it was too hot and I couldn’t breathe.  So, yeah, the sausages won.  Kind of. 

Anyway, I’m sort of better today.  I am afraid to eat anything, but I might try a banana in a little while.  And some tea.  That sounds safe.

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