Dora is a Troublemaker

The kids just watched an episode of Dora the Explorer in which, apparently, Dora had a baby.  At least that’s what Alex told me was going on.  I double checked on that disturbing bit of preschool role-model news and he said her parents AND Dora were having a baby.  And actually it’s two babies – a boy and a girl.

And Alex called up from the stairs to me to tell me the good news, and followed it up with "When are WE going to have a baby?  I just can’t wait to have a new little baby!"

And I said…um…I don’t believe we ARE going to have another baby.

This disappointed him somewhat.  And he mulled it over.  And he asked "Doesn’t other mommies have new babies when they already have children?"

Have to give him credit for planning his argument.

I told him we’d wanted TWO babies, and we had them – him and his sister.

And then he came up to the kitchen and continued on as if it was still a possibility.  "If we have another baby, I hope it’s a cute little boy baby." 

I told him "I already HAVE a cute little boy baby.  His name is Alex." 

And Alex said "No, aNOTHER little boy baby………Mommy, what do you think you’d name a new little boy baby?" 

"Um….I don’t really know."  Since it’s not in the plans, I really haven’t given much thought to baby boy names in oh, several years now.  "What would you name a baby boy?"

"Hmmmm….I’d name him….Jacob."

"Well maybe when you grow up you can be a Daddy and name your baby boy Jacob."

And then he was distracted by the new box of Fruity Pebbles Cereal that Julia picked out at the store this morning, and soon went back downstairs, a bowl of artificiallyl flavored goodness in his little hands.

Thank goodness for distractions.

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