One thought on “Julia the Brave

  1. Love your Blog! Thank you!

    I was living in Waterford,CT when Lyme hit our family. I had had Lyme twice and tests were positive and I was treated right away. My little guy Ty was 5 and he had such strange symptoms. Flu symptoms that would pass, rashes, he woke up with both his eyes swollen shut one morning and was taken to a specialist for a swollen knee. Thru 7 months of all of this, his Lyme tests came up negative. Finally a “longterm” test was taken and it was off the charts POSITIVE! After proper meds he returned to a healthy little boy. Hope your little one feels better soon and that the blood work will lead your physician to know how to help her. As I read your blog…my heart felt that helpless feeling as a Mom…when all you can do is hold back your own tears. You did such a great job!!!

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