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Julia update – Returning to Normal

We’re very fortunate that (knock wood) Julia’s bout with Lyme disease has been on the milder side.  The son of a friend of mine is on his second round of amoxicillin and suffered from a swollen knee and allover joint pain.  Poor kid!!

Julia’s face is looking so much better – it’s just about back to the way it was, pre-palsy.  And even better, her personality, her moods – she’s so much better in that respect as well.  Whereas before she would cry if you looked at her the wrong way, now she is back to her sunshiney-dispositioned self.  She’s also sleeping better, which is wonderful for everyone.  She’ll be on the "pink medicine" for the rest of the month, and hopefully that will be the end of this episode.  (Fingers AND toes crossed!)

We were at my sister’s house on Sunday so she could trim Julia’s bangs.  Julia found a pair of sunglasses, and I shot this picture.  It came out a bit blurry, but I liked the look anyway.  I messed around with the color (really?) and here’s the result. 


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