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Jumping In

Alex was psyched up for his swim class tonight – has been since this morning.  Not just because he is ready and willing to jump into the pool, but because AFTER class, as a reward for facing his fears and conquering them, and for doing well on his report card (hee hee hee – his very first report card!), the deal was that we’d go out for dinner at Smokey Bones.  It’s one of his favorite places to eat.  And fortunately, he forgot all about wanting to go out for sushi.  We’d need to sell one of the vehicles to support his tuna habit.

Anyway, swim class went great – and at the end, when they lined up along the edge of the pool, Alex was the first one in.  His skinny arm shot up and he was wiggling with excitement.  And in he went.  Second time through, he was smiling huge and pointing to himself and nodding like "Yeah, I want to do that again!"  And he did.  Bill and I sat there on the bench, grinning and giving him thumbs up signs and nodding like annoying bobble-head dolls.  After the class, he came running over to us, beaming with pride. 

We got the kids dried off and back in their clothes, and headed up the road to eat.

For dinner?  What does the triumphant water boy eat?  Ribs.  No question.  He ate a half rack of ribs, and might have eaten more if he hadn’t eaten half his fries, his slice of garlic toast, Bill’s garlic toast, and some tortilla chips before the meals came. 

I wish I’d brought my camera with me tonight.  Not just to take a picture of his jump into the pool, but to capture his rapturous face, dotted with sauce, as he devoured rib after rib.  He’d hold the meatless bone up to Bill and laugh as Bill gave him a look of shock and amazement. 

Lots of the time, I just go on with things, you know?  Don’t we all?  Get up, go about our days, do our things, eat, work, shop, relax, go to bed, etc.  Get the kids dressed and ready for school and daycare, shuttle them back and forth, do laundry, plan meals, help with homework, mediate squabbles, direct traffic, wash faces, tuck blankets under chins, hugs and kisses and off go the lights. 

But I try to be aware now and then.  I try to pay close attention to the smaller picture.  A week ago, Alex was afraid to jump into the pool.  Yesterday Bill worked with him in the pool, helped him work through the fear and get past it and discover that it’s actually fun when the water goes over your head.  And tonight – he did it himself.  Twice. 

So the four of us, our little family, went out to celebrate.  We relaxed, we had good food, and we had fun.  No tears, no tension.  Just…comfortableness. 

A peek into the window of my own life…tonight glowed warmly, gentle laughter and random giggles dancing from room to room.

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  1. Don’t you just love when everything falls into place like that? I think that is why I enjoy going OUT to eat with my family so much- I can kinda step outside my life and peek in at it. We have so much fun together when we go out. (Inside,too, but still… something special about going out…)

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