Pictures of Squirly. Or Was it Squirlio?

Recently we started putting out peanuts in the shell for the local squirrels.  Because it keeps them busy and allows the other birds to eat the bird SEED we also put out, and because my kids love squirrels and they’re kind of entertaining.  The squirrels.  Well, so are my kids.  At times. 

But anyway, a few days ago I had put out some stale bread on a little shelf on top of the rail to our deck, which is visible through the windows above the kitchen sink (in case you were interested) and then I put the zoom lens on my camera and waited for the squirrel.  Or squirrels.  In this case, there was one.  I don’t know his name, but I’m sure my son could tell you. 

Anyway, these are a few of the shots.  Keep in mind I’m shooting through a window and a screen, so that’s why some of the pictures have a sort of soft focus effect going on.







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