Rows Upon Rows…

Forgot to mention (traumatized as I was by last night’s adventures) that Alex has two adult teeth coming in.  Front bottom two – which were also the first two baby teeth that showed up.  I like his consistency.

The funny thing is, he hasn’t lost the corresponding baby teeth yet, so the new teeth are right behind the baby teeth. 

Like a shark, right?  They have rows of teeth always in the works, so when they lose some while feasting on oh, panic-stricken beachgoers, replacement teeth move right in to fill up the gaps, thus ensuring that all vicious tearing-of-flesh will continue uninterrupted and with the same degree of shreddiness as before.  (And yes, I know sharks are beautiful and amazing and much-maligned creatures of the sea.  I like sharks.  Which is why I can poke fun at them.  Just like I love my family….)

Anyway, that’s the status with him.  No Tooth Fairy visits in the immediate future.  Maybe if he’s lucky, all the adult ones will come in and then all the baby teeth will fall out in one shot, and he can afford to buy his first car with the loot.

For now, we are calling him Shark Boy.

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