My Kids

Snowman Update

Remember that snowman my kids and my husband made yesterday?  It looks like this:


Well, this morning as I was bundling up the kids for school/daycare, Bill (he’s home, sick) was looking out the window at the back yard and announced "There’s a squirrel on the snowman!"  So as he picked up the kids so they could see, I grabbed my camera and stealthily slid out the door to try to catch the squirrel in action.

He was stealing the peanuts (in shells) we’d used for eyes and mouth.  At this point, he was working on the snowman’s shrinking grin which, understandably, now looks more like a frown….


A few minutes ago, while I was uploading the icy pictures from this morning, Bill announced that the squirrel had eaten all the peanuts, and just the nose (and hat and scarf) remained. 

Our snowmen do not live peaceful lives here.

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