In the Cookie Jar

Warning (with the final update!) : Despite What the Calendar Tells You, Christmas isn’t Over Until the Christmas Cookie Posts are Done.

UPDATE – 1/11/08 at 11:05 am, eastern standard time…

That said, I’m going to try, in my two hours of childless, husbandless time this morning, to put up the remaining 4 posts about cookies (and candy) I made before Christmas.  Because I have to.  I took pictures and everything.

I know.  I really need to work on my organizational skills.

Anyway, here goes nuthin….

UPDATE:  It’s not gonna happen.  I’ve got one post done (see below), and maybe I’ll get another one done before I have to get the kids…uploading the pictures slows me down, but I can’t just post a recipe without illustrations.  Where’s the fun in that?  Where’s the sudden hunger pangs?

FURTHER UPDATE:  Okay, well 2 out of 4 done before I went to get the kids.  That’s not too bad.  Hopefully I can get the other two done some time later today.

THIRD UPDATE:  It’s ten past ten – and I finished another post (see below).  One to go.  And I’ll do it tomorrow because I’m DONE for today. 


Let the rejoicing begin.  And please see below for the final installment of the Christmas Cookie Marathon.

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