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Cakes – Coffin Cake – 1996

And of course there’s a stoy behind this one, too.

Actually, this (now that I’m thinking about it) was my original idea for a Halloween birthday cake for some coworkers, but then after I came up with the idea, someone affiliated with our company drowned while attending our company’s annual convention, which, that year, was maybe in Mexico or somewhere – some place on a beach, anyway.  It was awful.  Horrible.  And making a cake in the shape of a coffin was suddenly not a very tasteful idea.  So that was when I came up with the Spider Cake idea. 

I’d already made the coffin lid out of gingerbread, though, and I’d bought the other decorations for it, so I made it up and gave it to the son of a friend of mine, whose birthday was right around Halloween somewhere.  He was turning 10, if I remember correctly, so something creepy and gross was perfect for him.

The cake was a 13 x 9 cake.  The cake mix was for a white cake – I’d mixed in a lot of food coloring to make it red.  Bwa ha ha ha. 

Anyway.  I covered the cake (cut in the same shape as the coffin lid) in chocolate frosting. 

I had painted the coffin lid with brown royal icing and my cake notes (yes, I have index cards with the cake pictures) say "woodgrain w/royal icing."  I am not sure if that means I used some kind of comb or something to create a woodgrain directly in the icing, or if I’d painted the woodgrain pattern on with another shade of brown.  And when I look at the picture, either or both of those ideas could have been used.  I don’t remember.

To assemble it, I placed the cake in a shallow, disposable aluminum foil pan.  I had a few gummy worms crawling out of the coffin – they helped prop up the coffin lid nicely.  I surrounded the cake with crumbled chocolate cake "dirt," and added more gummy worms and some little black plastic house flies here and there.


The worms go in…the worms go out…

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