I’m Valentined Out

I hope you enjoyed the little Valentines Day Ideas food series I did for the first part of this month.  It was fun, and boy did we eat pretty well around here during the past few weeks!  All the recipes are over on the right in my "On the Menu" list, in case you’re looking for them at some other point in the year.

If anyone out there made any of these recipes – let me know how they came out, if you think of it, ok?  I’d love the feedback – good or bad. 

And so today is actually Valentine’s Day.  Both Alex and Julia have Valentine’s Day parties at school and daycare, respectively.

And for us, tonight, for dinner?

I think we’ll get McDonald’s.

3 thoughts on “I’m Valentined Out

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day Jayne! As I told you before, I loved the romantic recipies. Hope you have a nice night with Bill and the kids – without the stove for once! 🙂

  2. hey there…. i finally got to open your email! work is a little hectic, and so is everything else. will have to chit chat! i am so amazed at your pictures, recipes and your stories. i can’t seem to find the kids pics? of course i like the food stuff…. but i’d prefer to see the kids!!! you know why! lol… although… sit for this one… i have been cooking more! tonight i made chicken parm… yes i made chicken parm, hey i warned you to sit!! michael loved it! however. i didn’t get to eat it. worked til 6:30… came home and thought i had everything. veronica went to the market with me at lunch. i said i have the chicken, so need not get that the MAIN ingredient… hmmmm…. it appeared michael made the chicken on a night his wife didn’t cook, there is sooo many of them… so could be why i don’t remember! so at 7 he went or to get chic breast, and i made it. my intent this morning was to pick up pinelli’s on the way home.. but thought i’d be a good wife and cook a home cooked meal… being the husband that i have, he took it in stride, and first said lets get pinelli’s…. could be a hint that he didn’t want by cooking… no.. acutally he didn’t want me to cook, cause it was MY day… (i didn’t tell him i wasn’t feeling well)… but i did cook, and he loved it, i made mash potatoes, yes real ones, cause he doesn’t like pasta! i sat down, and again i did my best not to let him know i wasn’t feeling well, but the two bites and i’m done was a dead give away! any hoot… thought i shared this with you. i truly enjoy your website, and miss your stories about the kids. i have some for you! is this a good place to type you?
    take care.

  3. Thanks for all of your yummy looking recipes and pictures. I did a simple meal of Moroccan chicken with tomatoes & zucchini and couscous. My tradition is to make a heart shaped cake for the kids and some. Some of the leftover batter was used to make cupcakes for the kids at my daughter’s basketball practice that night.

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