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Knock, Knock. Who’s There? Julia’s Face.

Img_8145_2 Here she is, and see how nicely she’s healing?  Thank goodness it was all surface scratches and  nothing worse.

I also like that look on her face. 

She has many looks, as those of you reading this blog may have noticed over the past few years. 

Yesterday I brought her to the doctor’s to make sure she didn’t have strep.  She didn’t really have symptoms, but since Alex had it, I just wanted to know for sure, one way or the other.

I had to bring Alex, too, because Bill was at work, and my biggest fear was that he would tell Julia what was coming.  The strep test.  Throat culture.  Spanish Inquisition.  You know.

But, amazingly, he didn’t. 

The three of us sat in the waiting room with another mom and her little girl.  The girl was somewhere between one and two, very cute with dark blond hair parted on the side and swept into a little braid on one side. 

She was a little leery of Alex and Julia, both bigger kids who were playing with the toys like they owned the place.  (It’s so funny to think of Julia as a "bigger kid.") 

The waiting room is this little rectangular room with chairs that line one wall beneath the windows, and two chairs on the opposite wall, right next to the large window into the receptionist’s area.  A couple of other chairs are at the other two walls, and there is a low table with 4 kid chairs and some toys in the middle.

I was sitting in one of the chairs near the receptionist’s window.  Alex and Julia were playing, and the other mother and her little girl were over to my right.

At one point Julia came over to me and leaned on my knee.  She gazed toward the receptionist, a hopeful expression on her face, and asked, "Mom, is it okay if I ask her if I can have some of what she’s eating?"

The other mom burst out laughing. 

I told Julia no, and she accepted this like she knew the answer all the time but figured it couldn’t hurt to ask.

When it was our turn to go into the exam room, of course the nurse took one look at Julia’s face and asked about that, so I told her and Julia told her version of it and Alex chimed in a bit of detail as well.  Then I told her we weren’t there about the face, and I explained the whole strep thing. 

Let me just say right now – the nurses, like the doctors, at this place rock.  They just do.  I love them.  They are kind and THEY KNOW WHAT THEY’RE DOING.  I had anticipated all sorts of struggles with Julia once she realized the strep test would involve sticking things into her throat.  I figured, knowing Julia, it would be worse than dealing with Alex the day before.  So I was poised and ready.

The nurse got the little swab kit out and told Julia "I’m just going to tickle your throat" as she peeled apart the plastic wrapping and took out the evil tongue depressor and the giant double Q-tip.  She had Julia sit on my lap, and I wrapped my arms around Julia and held her hands, ready for the writhing.  The nurse moved in quickly, asked Julia to stick her tongue out (on went the tongue depressor) and to say "Ah," and basically as Julia opened her mouth, the nurse stuck the Q-tips in and even though Julia flinched and tried to turn her head, the nurse moved right with her and kept the swab in there until she hit pay dirt and pulled them back out.

It was over in seconds.  Julia sat there not quite knowing what just happened, not liking it, but not saying much either, because it was over and what was there to say?  She swallowed several times and looked unhappy, maybe she whimpered once, but that was IT.  The nurse left to run the test, and I sat there marveling at how nicely it all went.   

While we waited for Julia’s strep test result, my kids decided to tell knock knock jokes.  And I wrote them down.  Yes.  I have a little notebook for scribbling stuff like pictures I want to shoot and, yes, stuff my kids say.  I can’t remember everything, you know.

So here they are.  My kids made these jokes up right there, on the spot.  Geniuses, they are.  Geniuses.

Knock Knock Joke #1

Alex:  Knock knock.

Julia:  Who’s there?

Alex:  Light!

Julia:  Light who?

Alex:  Light, can ya go to the doctor and let me through?

Knock Knock Joke #2

Julia:  Knock knock.

Alex:  Who’s there?

Julia:  Telephone.

Alex:  Telephone who?

Julia:  Telephone’s gonna…go to the doctor and let open our tongue and be sick.

Knock Knock Joke #3

Alex:  Knock knock.

Julia:  Who’s there?

Alex:  Knock knock.

Julia:  Who’s THERE?

Alex:  NO – it’s "knock knock!"

Me:  You mean Julia needs to say "Knock knock who"?

Alex:  Yeah.

Me:  Julia, say "knock knock who."

Julia:  Who’s there?

Me:  Never mind.  I’ll say it.  Knock knock who?

Julia:  No, I want to say it!

Me:  Then say it.

Julia:  Knock knock WHO.

Alex:  Knock knock we’re sick, we need your help with something, too.



I love when little kids make up their own jokes.  I seem to remember my niece doing that for a while at some point, years ago. 

Anyway, the test was negative, and I was hugely relieved.  So today – both kids are at school/daycare – and I have time to myself!  The house is quiet!  No one wants juice!  No one is screaming because the other one "took that (insert toy name here) and I wanted to play with it"/"won’t be quiet"/"won’t share"/"won’t play with me"/"wants me to play with her but I don’t want to"/"said I was stinky" and so on.

Okay, well, that’s it for now.  I can’t think of a graceful exit line.  Have a good day!

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