Low Key

Okay, so we didn’t get McDonalds food last night.  I cooked chicken and rice with canned tomatoes and onions and garlic and white wine, and Bill liked it, Julia ate a bit of it, and Alex didn’t have any because he’s got a sore throat and wasn’t interested in food.  Today he’s home from school.  He’s downstairs on the couch watching cartoons, and Julia is here on the couch, "reading" to me and occasionally glaring at me because I told her I was busy at the moment and would read to her in a few minutes. 

I don’t have a whole lot to report today. 

Tomorrow Bill and some friends are brewing something like 25 gallons of beer (to be divided among the 5 of them) and I said I’d make Buffalo Ball sandwiches for them all.  He also asked for onion rings, and somewhere I have a great recipe for the batter, so I need to find that today, too.

Gotta go in a moment.  Alex wants to make a "surprise" valentine’s day card for Bill and me, so I need to make sure he has all the right art supplies.  He was too wiped out yesterday to do it.

So that’s about it – a rather thin post this morning, I’m afraid.  Perhaps I’ll have something more entertaining to say later on.

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