Learning from Mistakes

A Little Tip

You know how on TV those really good chefs hold an onion and slice away really fast?  And the hand that holds the onion in place has the fingertips curled under so the side of the blade slides down the knuckles, and no blood is shed?

I really need to work on that. 

Oh, I've got the fast slicing down, but the curling the fingers under part…not so much.

I was slicing away at a cucumber and then off came several layers of the tip of my left index finger.  I found the bit of skin stuck to a slice of cuke.  I tossed it, in case you were wondering.

Now I have a Curious George bandaid on my finger and it's really hard to type.

For example.  Here's how this post would have looked if I hadn't looked at the keys and fixed things as I went along:

"You know how on rc rhose eaally good cheds hold an onion and slice away eeally dastr?  And rhe hand trhat holds thw onion in place has rthe dingertips cuerled under so ther side od the blade slides down thw knuckles, and no vlood is shed?

I ewally need to woek on thatr."

I think you get the picture.'

In case you don't – here's one:


Learn from me:  Work on those knife skills!!  Or suffer my fate!

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