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Cakes – Snowmen Having a Snowball Fight – 1997


Another birthday cake for a coworker, way back when.  It was a winter birthday, which is why the snowmen made an appearance.  They also represented the above named coworker and the guy who he was kind of partnered with in the office.  Long story, doesn’t matter anyway. 

I think this is one of my favorites.  It was fun to create and it’s fun to look at (in my humble opinion).  The snowmen are actually made of sugar and water – granulated sugar mixed with just enough water to make it feel like wet sand – pressed into a round mold of some kind (I used the lower halves of some plastic easter eggs – 3 different sizes) and allowed to partially dry.  Then the inside part, which is still wet, is scooped out, so they aren’t as thick and heavy.  Then I sort of spackled royal icing onto them to give them a snowy appearance, and stacked the "snow balls" to make the two snowmen.

The scarves, coal eyes, and carrot noses were all made from fondant, and I used broken cinnamon sticks for the arms.  The cake is covered with fondant snow, obviously, and I rolled fondant into little snowballs as well.  The cake (under the snowmen and inside each fort/barricade) is a white cake (in keeping with the snow theme), and there is a layer of strawberry jam mixed with white canned frosting beneath the fondant.  I pressed the rounded edges of a half teaspoon into the fondant on the two barricades to make it look like it had been made of snowballs.

I wrote with royal icing, and then gave it a dusting of confectioners sugar to make it look like new snow was (or had just been) falling.

As I remember, it was kind of a hit.

You can’t tell from this picture, but the green scarved snowman is frowning.  I believe he got hit, but I don’t know if I made any kind of snowball splatter on the front of him.  Ah well.

As you can imagine, I loved PlayDoh when I was a kid.  Still do. 

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