The Corned Beef Project

Corned Beef Dinner – Briefly

It went really well. 

Just wanted to start off by saying that.  People really seemed to like the corned beef – the one I’ve been working on one way and another since last week and have been posting about just as long. 

I’ve got a bunch of pictures to go through so I can put these last few corned beef-themed posts together, and I thought I’d be able to do it this morning, but other things came up and I’ve barely made a dent.

I will say, just as an FYI, that if you have the inclination, brining your own brisket is the way to go.  The final product was so much more aromatic, so much more flavorful, than the pre-brined one I bought at the store.  I’m so glad I did this.  Sure, I had to start it over a week ahead of time, but for most of the time, the brisket just hung out in the fridge, brining away all by itself.  (Or themselves, since there were 4 briskets.) 

And the Horseradish Cream and the Guinness Mustard?  Dee-licious. 

I’ve got leftover corned beef also, and tomorrow morning I’ll be serving hash.  Probably start putting that together tonight.

But for now?  I’ve still got some dishes to clean up from last night.  And Julia wants a snack.  And Alex has a friend coming over in a little over an hour.  And so on. 

Be back later.

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