Day of Food


Sorry – didn’t do a Corned Beef Project Day post yesterday.  I never even looked at the corned beef, to be honest.  Too busy.  The entire day revolved around cooking, however, which is one of my favorite kinds of days, though it leaves time for little else and my feet hurt by the end.  But what’s a couple of sore feet after a kick-ass day in the kitchen?

The main event yesterday was a lunch with two of my husband’s aunts.  Bill made coq au vin, and I made mashed potatoes, broccoli rabe, and two lemon sponge pie tarts with a chocolate pastry crust. 

Before all that – french toast and bacon for breakfast. 

And after all that – for dinner – steamers and baked clams and leftover baby corn for dinner.

I’ve got food pictures to upload from the camera, and today’s the day I have to flip over all the briskets that are soaking in the corned beef brine. 

Also need to hit the grocery store to get a few things.

Dinner tonight?  Octopus ceviche.  Oh yes, there will be pictures of that, too.

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