What's for Breakfast?

Egg in a Nest


Had your breakfast yet?  You should – most important meal of the day, they say. 

Weekday mornings it’s usually a quick affair for the kids and Bill – oatmeal or cereal, or sometimes scrambled eggs or even a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. 

But it doesn’t really take that long to do something a bit more fun with the eggs, and my kids love them this way.

Egg in a nest – goes by other names as well.  The fun part about this is if you’ve got cookie cutters (and we all know I do) you can vary the theme from time to time.  Trust me – it’s a little thing, but it’s a big deal to the almost-4 to almost-6 year old set. 

This morning I decided to cut out bunny shapes.

All you do, is get a piece of bread and a cookie cutter that will cut out a shape and still leave a sturdy outline of bread all the way around.

Cut out your shapes, being careful to get all the little corners and crevices if you can, so the cut-out looks like what it’s supposed to.


Heat up a griddle or frying pan and melt some butter in it (butter adds flavor)…then lay all your bread pieces down (if they all fit – you can also work in batches.  If you are, do the inner shapes first.)


Once they start to brown a bit on the underside, pour in your eggs.


Once the bread starts to brown…


Flip them all over – use care when you’re flipping the egg-filled bread so nothing falls out and breaks.


Cook just enough to set the white on the other side (we’re an over-easy family here) and then serve.  When you plate them, you want to flip them back over so the "prettier" side is face-up.


(You’ll note the darker bunny on the left, the lighter bunny on the right – I sometimes forget to lower the setting on the power burner in the front part of my stove – things above it cook faster.)

Anyway – success this morning – happy, breakfast-eating children!



Breakfast can be fun!  (Okay, yeah, I sound like a nut.)

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