The Corned Beef Project

Taking Five

Yes, it's Corned Beef day today.  I've got lemon sponge pies and tarts in the oven – Julia helped measure ingredients for the filling earlier.  And in a moment, I'll be taking the briskets out of their briney baths and wrapping them in plastic til a bit later this afternoon.  I've got vegetables to prep and some tidying up to do…a table to set…serving plates and so forth to decide upon…and then about mid afternoon the cooking will begin.

I'm in heaven.

I've got the camera nearby and I'm taking pictures of all these food-related processes, and my goal is to get that all posted in the morning. 

But for now – I think it's time to put the laptop in the other room. 

I'll be back tomorrow to let you know how everything turned out. 

Wish me luck!

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