The Thunderous Threes

I don’t remember if the twos were this hard.  I don’t think they were. 

Yesterday while I was making dinner, the kids were playing upstairs, as I mentioned in last night’s post (below). 

One of the fun things they did was bring a whole bunch of stuffed animals into my bedroom and pile them on the bed.  On the cat.  They thought this was hysterically funny.  The cat was tolerant, but not thrilled.

Well, later on, after dinner, I told them they needed to get all their stuff off the bed and put it back in their rooms.  They had also added other, non-stuffed-animal things like the two ukeleles we have…a box of crayons…and a couple of baseball hats from where they usually hang in the kitchen.

Julia said she would do it "all by mySELF!" so I left her to it.

A bit later, when nothing had been brought back downstairs, I asked Julia if she was done.  I thought maybe she’d just put everything in her bedroom.

She said no…hadn’t done it yet.  And I told her to get to it.  NOW.  So she went upstairs again and stayed there for a while.

A bit later, she came back down to the kitchen.  I asked if she was done, and she said no.  So I escorted her back upstairs and started to point out (like she didn’t already know) what I wanted her to put away.

And then I saw what she had been doing earlier. 

She had brought magic markers upstairs along with the crayons.

There’s a big blue blob – around the size of a quarter on the sheet…and this on one of my pillows:


And how did I know Julia did it?  That Alex hadn’t done it earlier?

Because she signed her work:


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