The Corned Beef Project

Today’s List of Things to Accomplish

(As if I write such lists on a daily basis!  Ha!)

Anyway, in an attempt to organize my scattered thoughts, here goes…

1.  clean out the fridge (to make some space)

2.  Make chocolate dough for lemon sponge tarts

3.  Make American Irish Soda Bread (why the distinction?  Because I bought carraway seeds, dammit, and I need to use them somewhere.  The traditional Irish Irish Soda Bread doesn't contain carraway – and I don't even LIKE carraway seeds, but since I bought them, I need to use them.)

4.  Make Horseradish Cream and Guinness Mustard from the recipes in Bon Appetit to go with the Corned Beef dinner tomorrow night.

5.  Prep the vegetables for tomorrow – peel, chop, slice, dice – whatever they need.  Except the potatoes, because they'll get brown.  And I don't need to peel them anyway.  So never mind that part.

6.  Finish that risotto post.

7.  Tidy up the dining room.

8.  Tidy up the kitchen.

9.  Is that all?  I thought I had more to do.  Hm.  Oh well.  Since the list isn't so bad, perhaps I'll actually get it all done!

I'll be back a bit later….

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