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Two Easy Bean Dip Recipes


Didn't feel like putting much effort into dinner last night. 

So I made some baked chips out of leftover soft tortillas…and some crisp cheesy garlic toasts out of a leftover half loaf of ciabatta…cooked some shrimp…some edamame…put out the leftover small blocks of various cheeses in the fridge…crackers…smoked oysters…cucumbers…and these two bean dips.

There was something for everyone, and it was very peaceful to have a meal where no one complained about not having anything to eat.

Why two bean dips?  Because I couldn't decide if I wanted canneloni beans or black beans.  So I used both.  But separately.  With different flavors.

First up, the canneloni beans.  I used a 15.5 oz can and rinsed the beans well, drained them well, and put them in the food processor.  I added some dried rosemary…salt and pepper…olive oil…and a good squeeze of fresh lemon juice.


That seemed like a good start, so I put the lid on and pulsed a bunch of times until I had a slightly lumpy paste.  I tasted it, decided it needed a bit more rosemary and of course! some garlic.  (I had garlic warming in a bath of olive oil and butter for the aforementioned garlic/cheese bread, so I just took about a clove's worth of the garlic from the pot and added it to the bean puree.) 


Pulsed this mixture a couple more times, and poured it in one half of a crystal two-sectioned bowl perfect for the occasion.


Next up, the black beans.  Rinsed and drained them and into the (also rinsed) food processor they went.  To start off, I added some olive oil…lime juice…salt and pepper…ground cumin…and ground coriander.  Oh, yes, and half a shallot.


Pulsed everything until nearly smooth, then tasted it.  It needed more of the cumin and coriander, so I added a bit of them, and a bit more salt.  Then into the bowl it went.


Ta-da!  Pretty simple, no?

I didn't measure anything, so I can't tell you how much of anything to put in.  I would just say – start small.  You can always add more – you can't remove it once it's in there.


And don't feel obligated to do what I did.  My point, really – not that I had planned to have one – is that canned beans are really handy things to have on hand – a few additions and a whirl or two in a food processor and you have instant yumminess. 

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