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Cakes – Alex’s First Birthday – Sea Creatures – 2003


I’m jumping out of order a bit with the cakes.  I’d been going through the ones I did about ten years ago, but I came across this picture of the cake I made for Alex’s first birthday, and I thought I’d post it. 

I remember working on this cake.  I remember being in this kitchen, coloring fondant for the various fish and crustaceans…my niece, Lisa, was here and she helped make all the little gray rocks you see along the front base of the cake.  I remember piping the bubbles that spell out the salutation in royal icing…and the curling wave over on the top right, also with royal icing.  I remember painting blue food coloring and water onto the fondant for the surface of the cake.  I remember this one really well.  The cake inside was chocolate.

I’m still rather proud of the lobster and crab…although, yeah, I know they’re only that red once they’ve been cooked.  But hey, it was for a year-old child.  Bright colors were more appropriate for that, I think.  Right?

3 thoughts on “Cakes – Alex’s First Birthday – Sea Creatures – 2003

  1. I love the bubble writing and the lobster! Is there a piping tip to make bubbles or did you draw each bubble?

    Strangly, I also have a son Alex who turned one in 2003 and I made him a clownfish cake.

  2. Maggie,
    I had to look at that picture again and think for a minute about how I did the bubbles. Actually, it was just a round tip – but a larger one (maybe a 5?) and I used Royal Icing. Nothing tricky or special at all. And that’s funny about your Alex and mine being the same age. The clownfish cake must have been great. Alex loved Nemo…used to call him “Meemo.”

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