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Cakes – Hole in One – 1997


Another golf-themed cake.  More of that fun little Wilton #233 multi-opening piping tip (to make the grass).  I used that tip at every opportunity for a while back then.

I used a sphere cake pan set to make the golf ball – I think I bought the pan set specifically for this cake, and ended up only needing one of the two pans.  The little dimples on the golf ball were made by poking a plastic drinking straw into the royal icing.

The golf ball was white cake, and the little patch of golf course was chocolate.

My original idea was much more dramatic – and less kind.  I wanted to have the golf ball somehow teetering on the edge of the hole without going in.  Ultimate golfing nightmare.  But I just couldn’t rig it properly with my limited experience in cake architecture, and I also rationalized that it would be nicer to let the ball drop in on the golfer’s birthday. 

I remember he was tickled with the cake, and I ended up making a couple of birthday cakes for his son over the next few years.  Funny how things work.  The son is in college now.  I think he was turning ten when I made the first cake for him.  I’ll get to those cakes eventually.

I like this cake.  It’s simple, but effective.

5 thoughts on “Cakes – Hole in One – 1997

  1. Hello, i’ve been looking for the perfect cake to make, and now I have found it! I am looking to make a cake similar to this tomorrow night for my boyfriend’s birthday. I was just wondering how you got the white icing on the ball, without getting it everywhere? Also, did you just simply cut the hole out, or is there a better way to do this? Thank you sooo much!!

  2. Hi Erika,

    Lets see…this was quite a while ago, so Im trying to remember. I think for the hole, I placed a 6 cake pan 3/4 full of water in the larger cake pan and poured the batter in around it, so the hole was baked in, rather than me having to waste any cake. I believe I baked two thick layers this way. As for getting the white icing on…I honestly dont remember. I am thinking I placed the ball on a small cardboard cake round, iced it, and then carefully lowered it down into the cake. I wish I could be more help!!

  3. I am wondering if you think you could use a bundt pan for the hole (and maybe just trim off the top a little to make it flatter?

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