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Cakes – New Home – 1997


Another birthday cake for a coworker.  She and her husband had either just purchased or just moved into a new home, and this took place right around her birthday.  So the cake theme was pretty easy to decide on.

According to my  notes, the cake is alternating layers of chocolate and lemon, with alternating lemon and chocolate frosting between layers.  The decorating is all done with royal icing, and off to the side of the little index card I’m looking at it says "forgot chimney!" – oops.

Whenever I made these cakes for people at work, I would come into work earlier than usual the next day so I could place the cake on the person’s desk, try to fix anything that suffered on the drive in (I brought a piping bag of royal icing with me), and take a couple of pictures of the cake.  I’m so glad I took these pictures, and glad that I wrote up a few notes about each cake.

I admit it, I loved the positive feedback.  Loved the fact that people from other departments would show up just to see the cake.  I had fun (for the most part) creating the cakes – first in my head and then in my kitchen.  I also was extremely critical of each one, aware of every flaw, every thing I would do differently the next time.  I was far more picky than I needed to be.  But my most critical moments were around midnight when I finally tossed the last piping bag of royal icing in the sink and headed to bed. 

I tended to like the cakes better in the morning.  And under the fluorescent office lights.

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