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Camera-Happy X 3

Okay, I’ve set up a couple of flickr badges over on the left so I can share my kids’ photos.

The first sets (and, like their mother, these children are not hesitant picture-takers, so the sets are rather large) are from this past weekend – Saturday, when they first got their cameras, and Bill and Joe caught some awesome fish, and then Sunday when we took the kids fishing in the morning and to Southwick’s Zoo in the afternoon.

I still haven’t posted my own pictures from the zoo or the fishing trips – yeah, I’m a slacker.

But – I have to share this – the coolest creature we saw at the zoo on Sunday?  An albino peacock.  Tail feathers on full display.  Stunning.  Just stunning.  Just wandering around outside the zoo.  With an albino hen and a couple of guinnea hens. 

And so now we have three sets of shots of the same bird.

Here’s one of Alex’s:


And one of Julia’s:


And one of mine:


Okay, make that two of mine.  It’s my blog.


Amazing, isn’t he?

5 thoughts on “Camera-Happy X 3

  1. That is amazing! So beautiful, so white, it’s almost unbelievable that a creature like that even exists. Nice shots! 🙂

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