Gone With the Wind

(This post is for my sister.  She will know why.)

It rained yesterday morning, and drizzled on and off into the afternoon.  Not a great day to play outside after school/daycare.  But Julia wanted to go outside anyway.  She doesn’t let silly things like rain or cold get in the way of playing.

Besides, the Easter Bunny brought each of my children their VERY OWN umbrella, and what better time to go outside and play than on a rainy day when Julia could bring her VERY OWN "Ariel" (the Little Mermaid) umbrella out there with her.

So out she went, pink boots, red coat, and Ariel umbrella.  I watched her on and off as she ran around the back yard, or skipped, or ambled…sometimes with the umbrella, sometimes not.  Sometimes it looked like she was talking, or singing.  All in all, a good bit of play time.

But though it wasn’t raining much any more, it was windy, and that made it feel colder than the 50+ degrees the thermometer promised.  Soon enough I heard a faint tapping on the storm door and saw the top of Julia’s head and her umbrella through the window on the kitchen door.

I opened the inner door, and then carefully held the storm door so she could sidle past it on the top step and come in.

But then a great gust of wind swooped down, grabbed the Arial umbrella and pulled.  Hard.  Julia, still holding to the molded figure of Ariel on the handle, was yanked around with the umbrella and pulled off the top step.  She let go, fortunately, or she’d probably have ended up a few streets away, but she sprawled head and hands first down the (cement) steps and onto the (asphalt) driveway.

It was the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while – and I’ve never seen a wind-grabbed umbrella pull a human being anywhere except in "Mary Poppins."

But I swallowed the laughter before it bubbled out because Julia was wailing.  Physically she was fine – no scrapes on her hands or (thank God) on her face.  I think mainly she was just very surprised and scared by the whole experience.

I brought her in the house, hugged her a while, wiped the tears, and listened to her – in a sort of 3-going-on-4-year-old version of Mary Tyler Moore wailing "Oh Rob!" in her Laura Petrie years – recount what had happened.

"aaaaand…the wwwwind just…BLEW me…downthestairs and I FALLED DOWN!"


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