Snap Happy


Yes.  They’ve each got a Nikon Coolpix.  Julia’s got the Coolpix L11, Alex has the Coolpix L14.

They have each snapped about a hundred pictures this morning.  And yeah, I spent a bit of money on the cameras and memory cards.  And yeah, my kids are little.


They can fill the memory cards and if the pictures aren’t worth printing, I don’t have to print them.  I don’t have to pay to have a disposable camera processed and printed, only to find out all the pictures were of the rail on a fencepost right at Julia’s eye level.

So the way I’m looking at it, these cameras will have paid for themselves by the end of the summer, what with trips to the zoo and just happy kids snapping endless shots of the cat.

So you know what?  We’re ALL happy.

And the kids know the deal – if they break the cameras, then that’s it. 

Later on today I’m going to make neck straps for both of them.  Those wrist things don’t really impress me at all.

Know what else?  It’s been fun to see what they take pictures of.  They’ve been all over the house this morning, shooting pictures of the lizard as he sheds his skin…the cat, each other, their stuffed animals…books…Alex took a picture of a pancake on a plate…and so on.  It’s really interesting and fun…looking through the lens through the eyes of my children.

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  1. my 6 year old daughter has a digital camera too and it has been so cool to see the world from her eyes.

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