Sort of a Non Post

I have nothing to really write about just now.  I haven’t cooked anything very interesting over the last few days – it’s just been too busy somehow – I’ve pretty much fed everyone on leftovers and peanutbutter and jelly.  That’ll change soon, but not til tomorrow.

Tomorrow brings many big things. 

First and foremost, it is OPENING DAY OF TROUT SEASON.

I’ve written about it before (probably every year I’ve blogged) and so tonight Bill will be busy getting his gear together and putting the canoe up on the truck so he’s all ready to go DARK AND EARLY tomorrow morning.

Is he taking Alex?

Oh, no.  Not tomorrow, anyway.  OPENING DAY OF TROUT SEASON is actually a very serious day – not a day for patience with a small boy and his need for assistance and his boredom after an hour.  Or possible dislike for the predicted rain.  No.  No little boys on the High Holy Day of Trout Season.

But we’re all going on Sunday morning.  Bill and the kids with their poles, and me with my camera.  (I haven’t bought a trout license, but hey, someone’s got to capture all the Kodak moments, right?  I’ll fish another time.)

Tomorrow we will hopefully be having trout for lunch or dinner, and Bill’s got an idea for how he’ll prepare at least some of it, so I’ll definitely be writing that up.  And I’ve got a couple things to make to go along with it or after it.  Plus I have to work on my next Tuesdays With Dorie challenge at some point as well.  Fun stuff all around.  And, weather permitting, we’ll be taking a couple of zoo trips this coming week (school vacation week) and maybe instead of my own photos, I’ll upload some that the kids do. 

I’m mostly just rambling on here because there are a bunch of dishes to do and I am working ever so hard to avoid doing them.

Pathetic, huh?

Okay, okay.  I’ll do them now.  And then they’ll be done.  And I’ll be happy.  And filled with a feeling of accomplishment.  Okay.

Talk to you later.

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