2nd Cookbook Giveaway! – “Spain and the World Table”

Spain_4    Okay!  Here’s the next cookbook giveaway.

This time, the cookbook is the gorgeous Spain and the World Table, published by DK Publishing (Dorling Kindersley), a division of Penguin.

Honestly, I still haven’t cooked anything from this book – I’ve been pulled away by other things.  But what my husband and I are hoping to do is have a Spanish-themed dinner party within the next month or two, and THAT will give me an opportunity to cook a whole bunch of dishes from this beautiful cookbook.

The recipes in this book were created or inspired by or adapted from the Culinary Institute of America’s annual Worlds of Flavor International Conference & Festival.  In 2006, Spain was the featured cuisine, with both traditional and contemporary offerings.

The chefs involved were from all over the world, and there are blended dishes, like the Tuna Tartare and the Sushi Paella, both created by Japanese chef Kiyomi Mikuni, in among the more traditional fare such as Piperada, Paella Valenciana, and Tortilla Espanola.

Here are the contest details:

*  Once again, this will be a random drawing.

*  This time around, I’m going to let the contest run for a longer period of time, so that people who only come here once or twice a week will have a chance to enter before the deadline.

*  Deadline for entries will be NEXT FRIDAY – yes, a week from today – at midnight, eastern standard time.

And how to enter?

*  Tell me, in the comments section of this post, of any Spanish influences or inspirations or observations or intrusions in your life.  Or – if there absolutely aren’t any – tell me that, too.  Have you had Sangria?  That counts.  My husband is a classical guitarist and has performed "Leyenda" (later called "Asturias" by a German publisher) – one of many pieces by Spanish composer Isaac Albeniz.  The piece was originally written for piano and later transcribed for guitar by Francisco Tarrega.  That’s an example from my little world.  I also like Manchego cheese.  So that’s another example.  Silly, maybe, but sometimes we need to be silly.  Oh, and (Spanish-born) Placido Domingo’s rendition of "E lucevan le stelle" (from Tosca) as performed at the Three Tenors concert (the first one, in Rome) was absolutely heart-wrenching.

I’ll shut up now.

Anyway – ready, get set, go!  And speak to me of Spain. 

15 thoughts on “2nd Cookbook Giveaway! – “Spain and the World Table”

  1. I’ve tried Sangria and it can make you tipsy fast. Does that count?

    If not, I also went on a cruise when I was 19 with a girlfriend. We got asked out for a date by two of the cruise waiters. They were from Spain and spoke little English. The dates had to occur once we arrived on shore because of fraternization rules.

    We knew we were in trouble when one dude took my friend one direction and mine took me the other. Both of ended up leaving our dates at a disco and hotel, respectively, because our dates kept repeating, “Don’t you want to have a good time?” We were naive and kept saying yes until we figured out what they REALLY meant. So the moral is, beware of Spanish waiters on cruises who ‘want to have a good time.’

  2. my son darrell,who is a musician as well,constantly listens to django Reinhardt…supurb artist!as well as the worlds greatest guitar player ever…My daughter in law,sharle, loves spanish influence in her meals,she is hispanic and a blessing to me…I would love to win this for her!enter me please..thank you

  3. I have a child in my kindergarten class (her name is Pilar) and her father is a native of Spain. His name is Pedro. (Of course, his wife is completely American and her name is Tracey….) but whatever. It is a Spanish connection. Oh, and Ceileidh is going to Spain on a class trip next June.

  4. We went to a fabulous tapas restaurant last night… in Michigan… It was actually good… and it was actually tapas (as opposed to most of the trying-to-be-hip places around here which THINK they are offering tapas but have really just renamed the appetizer section… The name of the restaurant is Sangria… Does that count?

  5. We LOVE Spanish wines with Tempranillo, Rioja & Albarino being our favorites!
    If I win this book, I’ll be able to pair my wines more appropriately!
    Pick me! Pick me!

  6. I used to work at a law firm and one of my attorneys had this CD we would always listen to by Govi, a Spanish guitarist. It is absolutely beautiful. Every time I listen to it I just imagine flying away somewhere over the ocean and relaxing at a beautiful home in Andalucia and running on a beautiful Andalusian (sp?) horse across grassy fields. Now, since I’ve never been there, this is all in my imagination, but I always feel better and relaxed. Actually, I think I’m going to go dig out that CD now… Thanks!

  7. I make a mean sangria, love a great Tempranillo, and hosted a killer tapas party last March! My paella was the hit of the party! Oh yeah, one last thing…Gaudi is one of my favorite architects!!

  8. The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain.

    The Canary Islands off the coast of Spain are quite pretty, and the black sand beaches a real treat to sun on, but it’s like finding a needle in a haystack to find a quality meal anywhere. It’s one of the main tourist destinations in Europe though, so we had to try it. We did bring home a jar of Guarapo that we bought from a little store half way up the side of a mountain. It’s a mellow, not-to-sweet syrupy concoction derived from pure sugar cane. It adds a mellow sweetness to yogurt or keefir drinks, or can be drizzled on a scoop of ice cream…or salmon…or apple compote….or oatmeal…

  9. Spain and Spanish food remind me of the time I spent during college studying, traveling and thriving in a country not my own. The time I spent in Spain introduced me to its gracious people and its extensive history. Additionally, the week I spent with a family in Toledo, helped me develop a great respect and love for its food. It gave me confidence in my ability to live without the comfort of a practiced routine that I had mastered in the US. I hope to take my husband back to the country where his wife came into her own someday, but until then, I guess Spanish food will have to suffice.
    Thanks for making me put these thoughts into writing, I get to relive the experience again.

  10. I’m fairly immerced in the study of the golden age of Spain. The period between the Islamic take-over in the 10th century to the reconquista in the 12th century. Right now I happen to be in an art history class, a religious studies class and a philosophy class that all address this subject heavily. It’s pretty incredible history. Since this bombardment of Spanish history this semester I’ve been largely interested in Spanish culture, past and present. And, you know, since most of my intellectual intake gets filtered through food colored glasses, I naturally really really want this book 🙂 Good luck to everyone though!

  11. I teach World History and European History, both of which involve a lot of Spanish history. The conquistadors in teh New World, Philip II and the Spanish Armada, Ferdinand and Isabella and the Inquisition (what a show..)

    It would be great if I could make some recipes (or better yet, have my STUDENTS make some recipes) to represent the culture when we discuss Spain!

  12. When I think Spanish influence, I rememember many summer nights hanging out with friends. We enjoy spanish-inspired meals out on the patio. Serving up some mean sangria, and noshing on Manchego cheese, Marcona almonds, polenta bites and any variety of empanadas. Complete the mood with some Spanish guitar music in the background and you have bliss.

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