At Joe and Em’s


Last Saturday we went to a surprise 25th birthday party/housewarming party for our nephew, Joe.  (The housewarming part of this also included his girlfriend, Emily.  Hi Em!)

Anyway, I am mildly jealous about WHERE their house is – the back of the property ends at the edge of a pond – the western end of the property, which means not only a beautiful view of water, but also a beautiful view at sunset.  We weren’t there when the sun set, so I don’t have anything like that.  I just have images like this:


and this:


And while we were there, not one, but two families of Canada geese stopped by to collect the bits of rolls my kids and another little girl (one of Em’s little cousins)


were throwing into the water.

The first family on the scene had 6 goslings…


And the second family brought 4…


And at some point, amid the carb frenzy…


The goslings got a little confused…and instead of six and four, there were five and five…


And then there were three and seven…


But eventually they sorted things out…


And the 4-gosling family went on their way first…and then the 6-gosling family went off in the opposite direction…


And we trooped, through a mine field of goose droppings, back to the party.

Some more pictures from that afternoon can be found right here.

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