Bill put a few large crickets in the lizard tank and Julia stood nearby – not too close – to watch the lizard stalk his prey.

He finally scurried down from his leafy perch and got one, then scrambled back up to gulp the thing down.  It was a big cricket, so it took a little work.

Julia came rushing over (to where I was sitting, six feet away) to tell me all about it.

"The lizard caught a…a girl cricket!

"A girl cricket?  How do you know it’s a girl cricket?" 

She thought a moment.  "Because she’s got…blinks." 


Img_1422_1 "Yeah, just like I got blinks," she put her fingers near her eyes, "and you’ve got…" she peered closer, looking in through my glasses, "…wait a minute…you only got little blinks," she said, with pity, and went back to watch the lizard devour his meal.

Bill looked at me.  "Blinks?"



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