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Cakes – Chocolate Heart With Flowers – 1997 (Eek!)


Yeah.  It’s not that pretty.  To be fair to myself, that red wrapping I used on the base is what throws off the color balance in the photo.  But still.  It’s a rather ugly display.

It’s chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, a 6" heart sitting on a 15" heart…decorated with rambling greenery and frightful flowers in "aster mauve" and light blue.

It was for my bosses’s wife’s birthday.  I know, really.  It’s amazing I lasted another day.

I’ve got a few cakes like this – ones that I just cringed the whole time I was making them because I didn’t really have any sort of theme or story to work with.  I think I was just asked to do something chocolate.  Maybe the heart shape too.  I don’t know.

Anyway.  Let us close the door on this frightful chapter.  Thank you.

3 thoughts on “Cakes – Chocolate Heart With Flowers – 1997 (Eek!)

  1. Maybe so, nestor, maybe so, but it was only 44th in your search for ugly cakes, so I don’t think it rates quite as many exclamation points as you gave it. Thank you anyway.

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