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Cakes – Over the Hill 50 – 2008


I made this cake last week for a surprise (I think) party for the husband of a friend of a friend.  Inside, the cake was lemon, and the frosting in between the layers was just a plain frosting blended with seedless raspberry jam.  Over the whole thing was chocolate frosting, and then the fondant covered all of that.

This has become my "Over the Hill" cake.  A hill with little mile-markers representing the person’s age, meandering up the cake, until the marker for the person’s milestone birthday- that one points down to the rocks.  I made one a while ago for my friend (same friend as above) for her boyfriend’s 40th birthday, and that one led to this one.

I don’t know what my problem is, but I stress out about these cakes until I’m in the process of decorating them (in this particular case, rolling the "rocks" out of colored fondant and building the stone side of the mountain.  Or hill, I guess.)  Then – once I’m doing the fun stuff…the grown-up version of playing with Play-Doh, THEN it’s fun and I remember why I still do these from time to time.

A friend of the wife picked the cake up at my house on Friday – and a very rainy Friday it was.  She held the umbrella while I carried the cake out to her SUV, and I told her that the raindrops would leave little shiny spots on the fondant.  Couldn’t do anything about that.

Then she got in her vehicle, and I went in my house, and woo-hoo!  Stress-B-Gone!  Until the next time.

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  1. This cake is fabulous! So good to hear someone else gets as stressed about cakes as me! I love the feeling that we are ‘grown-ups’ but can still play with play-doh! My kids don’t bother with real play-doh anymore – they just want the stuff you can eat! Hx

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