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Farmers’ Market with Julia, 5.22.08

For the second week in a row, Julia and I have gone to the Farmers’ Market at Goddard State Park.  It’s still relatively early in the season – the first day we went there were only a few booths on hand – most of the farms were selling plants – flowers, vegetables, herbs – rather than produce.  There were a few other booths, including Buttonwoods Bathworks, which sells soaps and lotions and scrubs (oh my) made of local ingredients.  Julia picked out a peppermint soap and I bought a foot scrub.  And I bought a black columbine – I love black or dark, dark flowers. 

This time around (Friday, the 22nd) there were more booths open and more people shopping.  And – to Julia’s great delight – more dogs to pet.

I bought a bunch of garlic scallions to use in a salad I planned to make over the weekend…


and I bought a parsley plant, a plum tomato plant, and an Italian eggplant plant to fill in the gaps in our own garden.  (The parsley and eggplant seeds were past their prime and didn’t germinate, and some furry varmint ate one of our San Marzano tomato plants.) 

All along the way, Julia made friends with the farmers and customers, chatting away, inviting them to her birthday party (which had already taken place), telling them all how old she was and that in another year she’d be five and would go to the same school as her brother.  And it was such a wonderful experience because no one was impatient with her.  Every single person gave her all their attention, asked questions, and basically became her new best friend.

We also bought honey sticks from one of the two apiary stands.  Julia was attracted by the colors…


Licorice, strawberry, orange, cherry, root beer, blueberry, lemon, coconut, apple, and raspberry.

I bought some honey, and some grade B maple syrup, and then we were on our way.

The Farmers’ Market was Julia’s favorite part of our busy morning, and I have to say it was mine, too.   

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