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Feeding the Boys

Last night we had some college guitar students over for dinner after their juries, or final performance exams.  I think there were 7 of them – not the 12 I had been told originally.  Plus the other classical guitar teacher – that made 8 extra mouths to feed. 

But it was more like 16 or 20.  Doesn't anyone feed these people?

I had some of the food out on the table by the time they started arriving, and Bill, who had zipped home after the juries, was grilling up the flat iron steaks and corn and chicken. 

I took a few pictures of the table before everyone arrived, but that was it.  I'll upload them at some point before the weekend is out. 

I love doing this sort of thing.  Well, I don't enjoy cleaning the house.  But I like cooking for a crowd.  And this crowd was special. 

For one thing, I didn't know any of them, except the other teacher.  And these kids had just finished up the semester by performing in front of both guitar teachers and maybe one other teacher (I think), after working on their performance pieces and scales and finger exercises, and they were, I know, just so glad it was all over with.

Last Sunday, most of the guitar dept (students and teachers) gave a small concert at a church and rather than write a check for the performances, the tradition at this church is to pass the hat.  Bill had thought that it would be nice to take that money and use it to buy the food and have this dinner for the students.  So that's how it all came about.  And we decided after last night that we'll make this a tradition.

They clearly weren't expecting the kind of spread we put out.  I don't know what they did expect, but I don't think it included brie or crab and roasted corn and cheddar quesadillas.  They were actually whispering "wow" when they saw the food.  It was cute. 

And they ATE.  Seconds, thirds.  Good thing there weren't 12 students last night because we wouldn't have had enough food.

Oh – and my kids – especially Julia – were a riot.  Not at all phased with all these strangers coming into the house, eating from out table, playing darts and fooseball in the basement.  Julia, in particular, rose to the occasion as 2nd hostess, sometimes showing the guys where the food was (though they already knew), and directing them to the type of cheese they should try.  "You can cut some of THIS one!"  She knows her foods.  Earlier in the evening, while students were still arriving, she was hungry, and took a plate and said she just wanted "some of this" and helped herself to a small piece of prosciutto.  That was it.  A minute later she was back.  "I'm still hungry,"  she told us.  "But I only want this."  And there went about a quarter of the remaining prosciutto.  Girl knows what she likes.

It was a really nice night.  The guys were polite, appreciative, and nice to (and extremely tolerant of) my kids, which scores the most points with me. 

Anyway, that was last night.  Today I will be attending the Mother's Day Tea at Alex's kindergarten, and I am SO looking forward to that.  He's been wiggling with the job of keeping all the little planned events a secret – not easy for a kindergartener.  He's let a few things slip, but that's okay.  It's like watching the trailers for a much-anticipated film.

Anyway, that's where things are at the moment. 

And here, since I haven't uploaded yesterday's food pictures, is another flower for your viewing pleasure.


Have a good day!

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