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New Neighbors…and Pictures of My Kids


I was getting dinner ready last night and Bill was outside when the new neighbors started to move into their house.

Bill called to me from outside, quietly, so as not to be rude.

And behind our house, we could see the Mister surveying the neighborhood from his front window.

A bit later, the Missus came back from curtain-shopping…


Alex, in particular, was very excited about this.  I think I wrote about getting these birdhouses a month or so ago (Julia's is the smaller abode to the left).  To be honest, I thought it was too late in the season; that all the birds had already built their nests and were waiting for their offspring to hatch.

But I was wrong.  So hopefully in the near future we will get to see little baby sparrows poke their heads out that front door/window and learn to fly across our back yard.


While I sat outside snapping distant pictures of birds, Alex looked for bugs and worms and things,



and Julia flung dirt with a shovel for no particular reason other than she is Julia.


And while I'm at it, here are more pictures of my kids from last evening.  Just because.



You can just tell where the picture above is going…and you're right.



Below, Alex is telling me the difference between butterfly antennae and moth antennae…

Img_2049_1  Img_2050_1

Img_2051_1  Img_2052_1

And here are some of Julia…being Julia.


Img_2058_2 Img_2059

Img_2060 Img_2061

She's nearly four.  My baby girl.  And nearly ready to rule the world.  She just needs to fix the tag on her shirt, and I think she'll be all set.

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