Re: The Recent Spate of Squirrel Larceny in My Yard

For those of you who may have read this recent post and were both horrified and outraged at the crime committed outside my home whilst I was earnestly and virtuously typing about rice and vegetables and all…

I present to you – the victim.


If I remember correctly, she is Queen of the Night (I ordered her from a catalog several years ago).

Once stately and elegant, now, thanks to a marauding rodent, she is bruised and battered…

Img_2704_2_1 Img_2707_1_1

…and broken off of her rhizome.  She now resides in a cobalt blue vase (appropriately regal in color) filled with nourishing and restorative aitch-two-oh.

In addition, one of the buds on the stalk broke off, right at the neck, so I’ve got a little orphan bud in a small glass of water on the windowsill above my kitchen sink. 

Img_2712_1 Here’s the Queen in her hospital vase, gazing out at the garden that was once her home.


But – the nice thing about irises is that they do well (I mean, as well as any cut flower can do) in water.  Last year I would take stalks of them in to work and they would bloom all week at my desk – the buds would slowly open, just like they would have in the garden.  I didn’t really like cutting them, but since I was at work more during daylight hours than I was at home, I figured it was the only way I’d really get to enjoy them. 

And they smelled wonderful, most of them.  People would stop at my desk just to look and inhale and admire them. 

Anyway.  That is the follow up to yesterday’s crime story.

Many thanks to Jen for inadvertantly providing me with a good laugh and a title for this post.

Squirrel larceny. Hahahaha! 



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