Timing is Everything

Earlier today I put up a post to let readers know I was going to take a little vacation of sorts from posting – it’s a busy week here and I needed to set something aside, and this seemed the logical choice.

And then…because I am a masochist…I was just checking my stats, and I saw a whole bunch of people coming over from Typepad’s "Featured Blog" section.  Badge_tp_featured_weblog_star_dkblu

Oh cool!  They’re coming from here!

You know how some days you go along, kind of kicking the gravel as you walk along, not quite sure what you’re even doing on that road?

Okay, a bit too philosophical.  Sorry.  I knew I’d been chosen as one of Typepad’s Featured Blogs – I just had no idea when they’d post about it.  And so naturally, since I chose today to say "I need a break" – that’s when they put up that post.

(I must say, though, I am not sure where they got the idea I have videos on here.  I don’t.  Sorry.)

But there’s a lot of food, and food talk, and recipes, and pictures – interspersed with talk and photos from the rest of my life, too. 

So, to those of you who have bounced over from that Typepad article – Welcome!

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