Stray Postless Pictures

I take all these pictures, sometimes with the intent to write up some sort of accompanying post, and then it’s tomorrow and I make a batch of bread or cheese or something (both of which I did yesterday, but I’ll write them up after I sort through all THOSE pictures), and the more interesting (toContinue reading “Stray Postless Pictures”

Lasagne of Homemade Components, Mostly


And that's a LOT shorter than the original title, which was "Lasagne of Homemade Ricotta, Homemade Mixed Greens Lasagne Noodles, and a Quick Homemade Tomato Sauce."  The "mostly" refers to the mozzarella string cheese I used (hadn't made my OWN mozzarella at this point) on top of the lasagne. 

And Would You Care for Some Tea With That?

This morning we were outside looking at all the gorgeous dew, left from the early morning fog and last night's rain.  Simply beautiful. I posted the story over on my little gardening site, because it seemed more appropriate over there.  But then again, since it involved my son taking it upon himself to serve breakfast,Continue reading “And Would You Care for Some Tea With That?”



Earlier this week we went fishing off the rocks – the East Wall in Point Judith.  Bill actually did most of the fishing, as it's a little dangerous for the kids to be reeling fish in and standing on the wet rocks while the waves crash against them.  But the kids played on the sand and calmer water on the other side of the wall and occasionally Alex would get to reel in a fish part way, and then Bill would take over so the fish wouldn't smash and scrape against the rocks.