And Everything in Its Place


I'm not the best housekeeper in the world (or on my block), but I do need certain items in my house to be in certain places in order to keep me mentally balanced.  Or something.


My little laptop computer, which is where I do the bulk of my blogging and which holds my photos as I purge them from my camera, has been tucked away for the last week or so, while I've been using this table (this table, the one you can't see, but it's the work table in my kitchen where my laptop sits…it's the closest thing I've got to an office) to make pasta dough.

Well, I finally put all the pasta making stuff away and this morning plugged my laptop in, moved a TON of photo files onto my external hard drive (to make room for the ones stuck in my camera), and now I've got lots of space (relatively speaking) on the hard drive AND things are running a little more efficiently, a little more swiftly.

All of which makes me much more inclined to write.  Yeah, sorry excuse.  But I'm not the best excusemaker either.

So anyway, all that to just say, hi, I'm still here, and I'll be back to write after I offload all those pictures from my camera. 

And, yes, I'll be posting my Tuesdays With Dorie pictures and write-up, too, but that will be this evening, as I haven't MADE the Mixed Berry Cobbler yet.  It'll be for dessert tonight.

And that's all I have to say at the moment.

Carry on.

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