Stray Postless Pictures

I take all these pictures, sometimes with the intent to write up some sort of accompanying post, and then it’s tomorrow and I make a batch of bread or cheese or something (both of which I did yesterday, but I’ll write them up after I sort through all THOSE pictures), and the more interesting (to me) stuff gets the post.

So I’ve got pictures here and there that are feeling kind of left out and neglected (okay, not really), that I’m just going to post and write a little blurb about and then move on.

First up, I believe that somewhere along the lines I mentioned that Alex had invented a sandwich – Lettuce and Jam.  And it wasn’t a fluke – he’s had it on more than one occasion.  And here’s a picture.  Lettuce, by the way, is from the garden.


After I took the picture, I covered the remaining jam (strawberry) with some more lettuce, just so there would be both the sweet jamminess and the slightly crunchiness in every bite.


Remember when I made that herbed ravioli?  Well, I had more dough than filling, so with the rest of the dough, the next morning, Julia and I made fettuccini.  Or linguine.  One of those flat long pastas.  And I hung every strand to dry…







Two weeks ago Julia and I brought Bill and Alex along to the Farmers’ Market.  I got some of my (now) usual things, like fresh strawberries and eggs…


I also picked up a couple of bunches of baby turnips.


We also got a few perennials for the front garden, including a really pretty light blue columbine


and lemon thyme, which is not going in the front garden, it’s going in a pot in the back yard.


His name is Herb.

But THE coolest find of the day was Bill’s.  He wanted something decorate (and non-floral) for the front garden.  It’s got the sunken boat, and he put in stepping stones, but he wanted something else, like a little cement gargoyle or something.  I suggested a birdbath.  At least I think that idea was mine…anyway, here’s what Bill found:


Isn’t it cute?  The base is a solid piece of rock, and the bowl is (I think) cement with little rocks mixed in.  There were about 8-10 of these – all different sizes and shapes.  Really cool.  I’d love to have several of them, just because I’m nutty that way.  It took a little figuring to get the base securely sunk in the dirt so that the bowl would sit nicely on top, (above is just a picture I took when we got it home and Bill was deciding where to put it) but that’s all set now and we don’t find it tipped over in the morning any more.


Last week I made a strawberry-rhubarb pie, and here it is.  I didn’t take process photos or anything.  Just a shot of the finished product.


That same day, I also made a crust for a quiche that Bill was going to cook ON THE GRILL.  I know quiche isn’t all that manly and everything, but – if you cook it ON THE GRILL, then it BECOMES manly simply by virtue of being cooked over hot coals.

Here’s the final product – oh, and by the way – YUMMY it was.  Just some onions and herbs and cheese in it, but oh, boy was it yummy.  Predictably, Alex only liked the crust, and Julia only liked the innards.  Which works out nicely for everyone.


That’s the quiche still sitting on the grill, but ready to come off.

IMG_3732 And here’s a shot of a Manly Man who has just successfully grilled a Manly Man quiche on his Manly Man Weber Manly Man charcoal grill.  In the most Manly Manliest of ways.

And who, incidentally, is trying his Manly Manliest best not to smile.

And failing. 

Okay, that’s it for the moment, I have to go check on the impromptu batch of ricotta I just made and see how it’s draining. 

Yeah – “impromptu batch of ricotta.” 

I’m telling you, it IS now a sickness. 

An addiction. 

And in this weather, a labor of love.

Talk to you later…

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