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Farmers’ Market Friday

It's Friday (really?) and after we drop Alex off at school, Princess Julia and I are off to the Farmers' Market.

Should be interesting today – it's POURING rain right now and that's supposed to continue through the rest of the morning, as far as I know.

But go we shall, because it's fun, it's our routine, and because I need eggs and I'm hoping Bill the honey stick guy will have eggs again.  What else will we get?  Who knows – depends on what's there.  We're going to look for a couple more vegetables to fill in the remaining gaps (as announced by my husband, the gardner) and apart from that, it's just going to be a see what we can see kind of adventure.  No lobsters this week.  Can't do that all the time – it would cease to be a treat.

So, because I don't have enough time to get into anything else at the moment, I leave you with a few pictures of Princess Julia, Twirling While Wearing One of Her Birthday Tiaras and A Spotted Dog Ring:

IMG_2661 IMG_2662 IMG_2667IMG_2664  IMG_2682 IMG_2684 IMG_2685


IMG_2690  IMG_2691

She's so stylish.  And twirly.

Okay – we'll be back later.

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