Gaaa – I’m Disorganized Today

So for now, here’s a couple of photos.

Last Friday Julia and I went to the Farmers’ Market again (this is our Friday morning tradition after dropping Alex off at school), and the man who sells the honey sticks also had eggs this week!  Woo hoo!  So I bought a dozen, and then, since there were a few araucana eggs in the mix, I had to take pictures of them.  So here they are…









5 thoughts on “Gaaa – I’m Disorganized Today

  1. I love farm fresh eggs! Besides being 100% tastier than store-bought, they have such wonderful creamy orange yolks. I made a batch of vanilla ice cream that turned out really yellow on account of the yolks.

  2. I miss the farm I grew up on in RI. We kept chickens, turkeys, rabbits, and even pigs on just over 3 acres! Having moved from city to city over the past twenty years, I’m longing for those hours of pulling rocks and stones and sometimes boulders out of the garden. And fresh eggs is just the tip of my day-dreamatic iceburg.

  3. Rachel – I meant to ask you – where in RI did you grow up? And when? Just curious. I was born here, moved away after college, but came back. If you don’t feel like posting it here, feel free to email me, if you want to. It’s nice to talk to another RI native!

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