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Strawberry Soup


Yesterday it was hot and humid – a preview of summer.  I wasn't in the mood to cook anything at lunchtime for the kids, but I wanted to give them something other than the ol' peanutbutter and jelly standby.

I have a ton of strawberries in the fridge (okay, a couple of pounds) and figured I'd start there.

Alex LOVES strawberries.  LOVES them. 

And Julia likes them.  She also likes soup.  Any soup.

Alex likes certain soups.  Like…Campbell's Tomato Soup.  That's about it.

So I got all lazily creative and put a bunch of strawberries and a few ice cubes in the food processor, pureed the heck out of it, and then poured the liquid into a couple of cute little bowls and added a half a strawberry on top as a garnish.

Yeah, super hard, I know.  And is it really a soup?  I could have strained it and called it a coulis, actually.  Or poured it into a glass and called it a smoothie (which is how I had mine.) 

But for the kids – it was strawberry soup.  And they were surprised, and delighted, and best of all, they ate it.  Yay! 

And some days, that's all I care about in a recipe.


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