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TWD: La Palette’s Strawberry Tart

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This week's TWD recipe was chosen by Marie of A Year in Oak Cottage and can be found on page 374 of Baking From My Home to Yours by Dorie Greenspan.  We're not posting the actual recipes any more – all the members HAVE the book, and if you'd like to become a member, you'll need to GET the book, and even if you don't want to become a member, you really SHOULD just go out and get the book because it's big and beautiful and if you just look at the pictures, you don't gain ANY weight at all!  So there you go.

Anyway, this week's recipe was PERFECTLY timed.  Not only are strawberries coming into season (here in RI) but also this weekend marked the start of a hideous heat wave (still going unbearably strong) and baking the tart shell Saturday morning was about all I was interested in doing, oven-wise.

I don't really have a lot to write about this tart – it is so incredibly simple to put together that I figure if I keep some pre-made tart shells in the freezer through the summer, I can turn out a fabulously impressive summer dessert any ol' night of the week. 

I made the sweet tart dough with the addition of ground almonds – partly because I have a LOT of almonds in my freezer which I just noticed recently and want to use them – and partly because I thought the flavor of the nuts would be nice with the simple tart/sweet flavor of the strawberries.

After dinner, while everyone was outside, I just spread my strawberry jam on the tart, sliced it into 6 pieces, set each slice on a plate and topped it with a generous amount of strawberries and a dollop of fresh whipped cream. 

My sister's kids were here for the night, and so they got to partake of this glorious yet humble offering.

There wasn't a smidgen left.  I think I could have made two tarts, and there still wouldn't have been any left.

In fact, the above picture is the only photo I have – no process pictures because I did so much of this on the fly that day – but also – there's not a lot of process to photograph!

I used unsweetened whipped cream to top it, and the strawberries came from Ledge Ends Produce, one of the sellers at the Farmers' Market I go to on Fridays.


Aren't they lovely?

Anyway, for other glimpses of this lovely tart (and probably actual process photos), go check out all the other fabulous bakers on the Tuesdays With Dorie list – there are over 200 now!  So get going!

TWD Strawberry Tart_1

27 thoughts on “TWD: La Palette’s Strawberry Tart

  1. Aren’t local strawberries the best?! I always say I’m going to freeze tart and pie shells for spur of the moment baking–hope you have more luck doing it than I do!

  2. I’ll have to try this crust with almonds sometime, that sounds fantastic. You know it’s good when you can’t even get a real photo op with the thing. Great looking slice.

  3. Love the intro about the book! So funny. Your tart looks delicious. So glad your family enjoyed it! Great job!
    Clara @ I♥food4thought

  4. I think I could have made two also. I loved the crust without anything on it. Beautiful pic of the tart. The light is nice.

  5. I agree, everyone should buy the book. You won’t gain an once. Completely guilt free 😛

    I feel you on the heat wave. I wasn’t allowed to bake mine until last night because it was so stinking hot in MA all weekend

  6. Ooh, your strawberries look delicious. So does the whole tart, for that matter. I haven’t made it to any of the farmers’ markets around here in ages. I doubt I would find strawberries there at this point–more likely to be blackberries and peaches.

  7. Wow…great photographs, but then it would be sort of hard to get anything else from the ripe strawberries, your beautiful tart, etc., right? Really gorgeous!

  8. I am going to have to make more tart shells to keep frozen – you are right – it is so simple and delicious, why not??? Great job – as per usual.

  9. I thought the crust was delicious on its own too – and with strawberries and cream it was amazing. Great photos, as usual.

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