14 thoughts on “A Closer Look…at Blueberries

  1. Beautiful pictures! I never noticed how white the inside of a blueberry was. It must be because I love blueberries and gobble them up without really looking at them.. haha!

  2. i love how you captured the shadow of the berry on the plate. and i’m with steph–i never noticed how white the inside was either!

  3. this is beautiful work! you need to be submitted for some website award! stunning photography and well written commentary.
    …just more reasons why i love you and think you’re the best….

  4. Blueberries up-close and personal are just gorgeous. I have always liked them but now I’m smitten as well.:-) Beautiful pictures.

  5. Glad you all like the pictures!

    To anwer your question, Angela, yes, sort of. I’m just using an Opteka 10x macro lens attachment on the 18mm-55mm lens of my Canon Rebel Xt. Opteka has a set of 4 little (they look more like filters than lenses) macro lenses that I got on Amazon for about twenty dollars. One day I’d like to get a good macro lens, but for now, these are what I’ve got.

  6. That is so not real blueberry. Try making pictures of the blueberry that you pick up in the forest and you’ll find out that the inside of the berry is blue too, not white like this grocery store-bought-fake-grown berry.

  7. Gerda,

    Don’t take that tone here. You don’t know where those blueberries came from, and your snotty tone isn’t welcome.

    FYI, I picked those blueberries myself – from blueberry bushes on my nephew’s property. He’s got at least two varieties, and some are these large ones that you find often in the grocery store. Maybe I picked them early, but oh, yes, they were picked fresh and not from a store.

    You picked the wrong day to make a comment like that to me. I won’t mind if you don’t show up here again.

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