A Sense of What’s To Come

Yesterday afternoon.

Bill and the kids and I are hanging out in the basement watching Star Wars.  The original one.  We’ve all been kind of on a Star Wars kick for the past couple of months.  (Julia was calling it “Star Was” for a while.)

Anyway, we are heading into the final third of the movie.

Soon, everyone will converge back at the Falcon.

For now, we only see Obi Wan entering…silent…wary…ready for whatever may come.  (Alex sometimes refers to him as “Oobi” Wan.  We are trying to correct this.)

And then we see Darth Vader.

And Alex asks, “Mom, is he gonna show Oobi Wan the Power of the Dark Side now?”

One thought on “A Sense of What’s To Come

  1. I’m not sure if you have a Playstation or a WII, but if you do I can highly recommend “Star Wars Lego” (Original trilogy, naturally), it is great fun!

    After you’ve finished the game you can go back and play as any of the characters you’ve unlocked. I discovered that playing as Darth Vader made everything a lot easier.
    It was the first time I ever really grasped what the attraction of the Dark Side is: It’s just SO much more efficient.

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