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It’s been a busy week so far and I’ve been off my schedule somewhat.  I’ve got about 5 or 6 longer posts in the works, but only about fifteen minutes (starting now) to type today, so I’m just sharing a few bits and pieces of food-related things that weren’t big enough to get a whole post of their own.

Like this pretty beverage:


What is it, you ask?

It’s a…Watermelonito.  Or…a Watermelon Mojito.  Something like that. 

We’d had a lot of watermelon on hand and the last big bowl of it (all cut up into chunks) wasn’t moving as quickly we’d expected it to.  So I pureed it all and strained it, so we had this lovely pink watermelon juice in a big measuring cup.

And Bill’s brother and sister-in-law were here, and he (Bill) made some mojitos, because we have LOTS of mint, and then, when it was time to make the next batch, Bill used some of the watermelon juice in it. 

Very pretty, not overly sweet, because it still had the lime in it…a nice, refreshing summer evening beverage.

And then there’s this:


Pretty, no?

And tiny.


We had an abundance of fresh fruit – blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries, and also a couple of cups of sour cherries, harvested and pitted from our tree earlier this summer.  So first I put together a pie, using all the blueberries and raspberries, and most of the strawberries and cherries.  And then, with the spare dough and the spare fruit, I made 7 little mini pies using a muffin tin. 


I cut out little bitty circles of dough and fashioned a little flour/top crust for each mini pie.  And I brushed the tops with egg wash and sprinkled sparkling sugar on top.


Here’s a shot of the top of the larger pie:


I kind of want to live in there.

And that’s about it for today! 


Talk to you later!

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  1. jayne…these photos look like they came right out of cooking light or some other professional cooking magazine. TERRIFIC!!!

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