Too Quiet

I was in the kitchen.

Bill was giving Alex a guitar lesson in the living room.  (Yes – Alex is learning to play.  It’s unbearably adorable.  I’d post a picture but every time I try to capture him sitting in his chair, perfect posture, one foot on the stool, guitar resting on his leg, eyes intent and serious as he looks at either his music or at Bill – he (Alex) looks up at me and grins his goofy “I see the camera!” grin and it kind of spoils the impressiveness of it all.  But some day I’ll get my picture.)

Anyway – guitar lesson going on, and I was probably cooking or something. 

Julia was upstairs, not trying to get in on the guitar lesson.  Hm.  That should have been the first clue.

At some point, Julia comes part way down the stairs and says hi to Bill. 

He turns to look at her.  And since he is in the middle of a lesson, he calls for me.

“Jayne?  I think Julia’s got water all over her…”

I figure she went and stood in the shower stall in the upstairs bathroom and turned the water on briefly.  She’s done that before.

I go into the living room and it doesn’t look like she’s THAT wet, but…something doesn’t look quite right.


Um, Julia?  What were you doing upstairs?


“I don’t think it was nothing.  What were you doing?”

She sighs.

“Well, I was cleaning the sink with my brush and it got on me but I cleaned up all the black with my brush!”

She ends her little explanation with a smile, her voice rising slightly with pride in her accomplishment.

“Can you show me?”  I ask.

“Oh, SURE!”

She heads up the stairs.  I follow.  I think I already know.

The first sink looks fine, and both her new toothbrush and Alex’s are lying near it on the counter.

Then I look over at the other sink.


Yep.  Just as I suspected.

Good thing it wasn’t waterproof.


It will wash off her head.  Eventually.

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  1. They all seem so innocent when they are young. If my child did that and made the same face, I do not know how I could keep a straight face.

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